Subject Overview

Key Stage 3 (Years 8 – 10)

We love images; studying them and making them. The art department delivers a Key Stage 3 curriculum tailored to the needs of the students and designed to ensure that everyone makes good progress, regardless of their starting level. Our Fine Art activities include painting, drawing, photography, printing, sculpture, collage and digital imagery, and we also include elements of graphic design and fashion. Everyone is guided through carefully developed projects that range from junk sculpture to portraits from fabric design to poster design, which develops the ability of students to be increasingly self-motivated.

GCSE (Years 11 & 12)

Art is a popular subject at GCSE. It is ideal for any student who enjoys art and is good at it. Our love of studying and making images guarantees a creative environment in the art studio. We study the CCEA Art and Design specification. This allows students to further develop creative skills as they assume greater responsibility for the development of projects.
The specification has two components:

Component 1:

Part A: Exploratory Portfolio
Part B: Understanding the Creative and Cultural Industries

Component 2:

Externally Set Assignment.



CCEA GCSE Art and Design Specification

Key Stage 5 (Years 13 and 14)

The CCEA GCE Art and Design specification develops in-depth knowledge and understanding of art and design through research and practical activities, intellectual capabilities, and independent approaches to learning.
In the AS units, students develop their creative process in response to a theme. They explore concepts, and develop knowledge, skills and techniques, including drawing. They present a portfolio and resolve their learning into a personal response.

Students who continue to A2 undertake a more focused investigation based on a given theme. This takes the form of both written and practical investigations, which are followed by producing a resolved outcome.

The specification has four units:

  • Unit AS 1: Experimental Portfolio

  • Unit AS 2: Personal Response

  • Unit A2 1: Personal and Critical Investigation

  • Unit A2 2: Thematic Outcome.



CCEA GCE Art and Design Specification

“Art develops spiritual values and contributes a wider understanding to the experience of life which helps to build a balanced personality.”

Bridget Riley, Painter