Religious Studies Department Aims

The Religious Studies Department aims to:

  • create a learning environment in which the pupil’s experience of religious education is enjoyable and relevant to the pupils’ lives in today’s fully with parents, local parishes and the wider community in order to enhance our pupils’ participation in parish and community life.
  • teach in ways which are challenging, motivating and relevant to the age, ability and aptitude of the pupils, enabling our young people to develop their own personal faith and meet more effectively the pressures of modern society.
  • teach through example the Christian values of compassion, forgiveness, honesty, justice and responsibility.
  • assist the spiritual formation of pupils through the shared experience of prayer and liturgy, and in partnership with local parishes.
  • uphold the moral teaching, faith tradition and sacramental life of the Catholic Church.
  • encourage pupils to see sexuality as a God-given gift and an integral part of human development.
  • prepare pupils for adult life and employment, enabling them to develop respect and sensitivity to others, in particular those with different faiths and beliefs.