Performing Arts and Drama Department Aims

Our aims in teaching Drama and Performing Arts are that all children should:


  • study and enjoy a wide range of theatrical genres, periods, practitioners and approaches to the theatre
  • develop a range of cross-curricular skills
  • have opportunities to develop their personal development and self-expression
  • develop transferable skills that pupils will need in the future
  • participate in a learning environment that is safe and promotes a growth mindset
  • contribute to class activities and feel valued
  • develop their practical skills in Drama
  • develop their voice, movement, use of gesture, facial expression and have opportunities to develop characterisation
  • work with others; giving and receiving constructive criticism
  • use a range of drama strategies (on script and off script) express themselves and share their ideas and opinions
  • be creative and write scripts for a range of purposes and audiences
  • feel motivated in their learning and have fun!