Department Aims

The Learning Support Centre aims to:

  • establish a secure and happy environment, this ensures the best possible learning situation, and mutual respect between staff and pupils.
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum, relevant to the intellectual, social and emotional needs of the individual pupil.  Each pupil will have access to the full Northern Ireland Curriculum, with a range of multi-sensory teaching and learning strategies, at a level commensurate to his/her ability (when possible and appropriate).provide an environment where pupils can experience success and thus develop confidence and self-esteem.
  • employ teaching methods and classroom organisation, which will facilitate the development of the pupils as effective and independent learners.
  • develop opportunities for integrating the pupils with their peers.
  • develop the concept of parents as partners in education, working with the teachers in the best interest of their children.  (All parents will be invited into the school at least once a year to discuss their child’s progress).  Parents will be encouraged to become involved in the work of the pupil, through helping with homework etc.
  • provide opportunities to develop independent life skills and opportunities for pupils to plan their transition for life after school.
  • establish contacts between the College and other Educational Establishments.
  • establish contact with outside agencies which benefit the pupils, i.e. Educational Psychological Services, Education Welfare Officers, Social Workers, Speech Therapists, and Careers Officers etc.