Home Economics Department Aims

The Home Economics Department aims to:

  • provide learning experiences which are enjoyable and challenging but which are also achievable and motivating.
  • ensure pupils have access to the breadth and depth of subjects taught within the department at a level which is appropriate and relevant to their individual needs and capabilities.
  • allow pupils to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to become discerning consumers and effective managers in relation to home and family.
  • develop a positive attitude towards food acquiring the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to make informed choices and provide healthy diets.
  • foster the emotional, social, physical, communication and intellectual development of our students by the guidance, encouragement, positive behaviour management and teaching strategies which we employ in the classroom.
  • encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop independence and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others.
  • maintain the highest possible standards of achievement at all levels through assessment and feedback giving pupils the relevant preparation for life.