Specific Aims of Department Geography

The Geography Department in St. Patrick’s College is an enthusiastic and committed team who strive to provide a curriculum which attempts to stimulate and motivate pupils in their charge.

Geography in the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum helps pupils in the College to develop as individuals, as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and environment and this is reflected in our schemes of work.

Developing young people as individuals;
Helping pupils explore their sense of place and belonging to their own locality and how they interact with the wider world, enables pupils to develop an appreciation for physical and human diversity and gain some understanding of the needs and views of others.

Developing young people as contributors to society;
Giving pupils a sense of themselves and how they can relate to one another and their environments, makes them aware of values and lifestyles that are different from their own and helps them make reasoned judgements in relation to different issues.

Developing young people as contributors to the economy and environment;
Giving pupils an awareness of our place in a changing economy and how we interact with our environment enhances their potential to operate effectively and responsibly in a changing world.