Subject Overview

Pupils in Year 8 to Year 10 will complete approximately 16 lessons per year based on the KS3 LLW Employability statutory requirements.

In Year 10 the focus will be mainly on the preparation for making GCSE subject choices.

Students will complete their first PCP in Year 10.

Year 11 – students will attend Careers/Employability classes once per fortnight throughout Year 11. During this year the main focus will be on delivering the statutory statements at KS4 for Employability. Also students will be prepared for one week’s work experience at the end of June.

In Year 12 students will continue to follow the Employability Statutory Statements with the focus on transition to Key Stage 5 and the world of work. Students will be advised on the various routes at the end of Key Stage 4 on completion of GCSE’s.

Progress File Material will also be covered during Careers and Pastoral lessons in both Year 11 and 12. During Pastoral lessons at the end of terms 1 and 2 students will be reviewing their progress to date, both academic and non-academic, and setting targets. Whilst in Year 12 Careers they will also complete CVs and Personal Statements.

Personal Career Planning will be completed at the beginning of both Year 11 and 12.

Year 13 and 14 pupils have one timetabled careers lesson per fortnight during which they cover a range of topics from reviewing their GCSE performance, researching courses at university, completing university applications and making the transition from school to university.

Students are given information and opportunities to investigate local and global labour market information to help make informed choices. They are guided in making sound career decisions using good decision making skills.

A PCP is produced to help plan Year 13 and Year 14 options in school and after school. This plan helps them to identify the decision making strategies needed to make a clear, realistic and informed choice about post 18 pathways.