Educational Visits and Trips Home Economics

In order to promote improvement in the interests of all pupils, the purpose of a post-primary inspection is, through an effective linking of internal and external approaches, to:

Chef Ian Hunter, from the Belfast Cookery school, visited the Year 11 GCSE Food and Nutrition students to provide an interactive cookery demonstration on a variety of fish and shellfish. Throughout the day students prepared and tasted a range of fish dishes from monk fish to lobster. The students enjoyed the experience and were pleasantly surprised at how tasty the dishes were.

We have been very fortunate to have Patricia Mitchel from the Livestock and Meat Commission visit over the course of the school year. The visits are to Year 11 and 12 GCSE Food and Nutrition pupils to discuss the role of the LMC in Northern Ireland. During her visits, Patricia discusses the importance of red meat and lamb in our diet whilst demonstrating tasty dishes which our students enjoy.