Educational Visits and Trips Geography

Our AS Geography classes visit the beautiful Banagher Glen and Benone beach locations in early September of Year 13.
Students study the layers of the deciduous forest in Banagher Glen and compared them to the coniferous forests area close by to exemplify their small-scale ecosystem study. At Benone Beach, students study the change in soils moisture content and plant cover with progression inland from the shoreline along a psammosere transect. Data is collected, analysed and interpreted in preparation for their Unit 3 exam.

Every Autumn, Year 13 pupils attend the University of Ulster’s ‘World Town Planning Day’ and for one day, experience the life and decision dilemmas of a Town Planner. This is an excellent event which helps our students to understand where the subject of Geography can take them and what the University of Ulster’s Town Planning course entails as well as the many doors of opportunity that are opened through studying it. Students are addressed by Dr Gavan Rafferty, Course Director (and a past pupil) and Chief Planning Officers before participating in a series of workshops that explore planning’s role for delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Many of our pupils are now considering this as a possible discipline to study at third level education and as a future career.

Year 11 pupils studying GCSE Geography visit the Altalacky Burn in the month of June as part of their GCSE course. Pupils study how width, depth, velocity and bedload shape and size change as the river progresses through it’s long profile.
This is one of the highlights of the GCSE course and is thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils and teachers.

All Year 10 pupils visit W5 in September to take part in a workshop called ‘Seismic Skyscrapers’ based around preparing for earthquake events. Students listen to a lecture on building design in earthquake prone areas and were then tasked with designing and constructing their own earthquake-proof building. Pupils thoroughly enjoy this workshop and their competitive nature is brought to the fore when they have to test their building during a simulated earthquake that lasts one minute. Some fabulous design concepts are produced – some successfully earthquake-proof, some not so much but excellent hands on learning takes place. Students also have the opportunity to visit the exhibits on display on each floor in W5 exhibition centre.