Subject Overview of Spanish

At Key Stage 3 we mainly follow the Mira textbook but often use other resources like Listos and Español Extra to enhance teaching and learning.

All students in years 8, 9 and 10 in the College study Irish and choose between either Spanish or French.

Year 8:

Term 1: An introduction to Spain and Spanish, greetings, names, ages, dates, numbers up to 31, classroom objects and instructions.

Term 2: School subjects, opinions and school food

Term 3: Family, pets, colours, higher numbers, describing what you look like.

Year 9

Term 1: Your house, your country, rooms in your house and what you do there.

Term 2: Hobbies and interests.

Term 3: Your town and what’s in it. Getting around and the weather.

Year 10

Term 1: Shopping for clothes, colours and sizes, jobs

Term 2: Food and drink, eating out in Spain

Term 3: Going to the doctor, going on holiday (GCSE unit).

Studying Spanish develops your language skills and knowledge by raising your awareness and widening your understanding of Spanish-speaking countries/communities.  You will have the opportunity to use practical Spanish and take your place as a citizen in a multilingual, global society.

Studying Spanish will give you the confidence to communicate effectively in a second language. You will be able to work independently and with others to enjoy the benefits of language learning.

GCE Spanish will give you a fascinating insight into the Spanish language and culture.  Whilst developing the ability to communicate confidently and effectively in Spanish in both speaking and writing, you will also learn about the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of Spanish-speaking countries and communities.