Subject Overview of Performing Arts and Drama

Key Stage 3

We have designed a Key Stage 3 curriculum which gives all pupils in Years 8-10 the opportunity to participate in Drama activities. They have the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge on Drama practices and develop their practical performance skills. Pupils study existing repertoire including: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Teechers, Matilda, and Our Day Out.  Pupils also have opportunities to devise their own pieces and review live performances.

This provides a strong foundation of disciplinary knowledge and skills that are distinctive to Key Stage 3 and also necessary for the successful progression of Drama to Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, we continue to provide a broad range of opportunities through the study of Drama.  Pupils study GCSE Drama with CCEA and the examination board pride themselves on this coherent and motivational pathway.

There are many opportunities both in class and extra-curricular, to develop acting, directing, script-writing and technical skills. Over the two years, pupils participate in both devised and scripted performances.  They also study the set text, Blood Brothers and complete an examination on this set text in Year 12.

Our GCSE in Drama is a linear qualification: students take all the assessment at the end of the course.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, pupils have the option to study Performing Arts (CCEA).  This is a very popular pathway at A-Level and pupils have a plethora of opportunities to develop their chosen skill. Pupils take ownership of their own learning and select a performance skill of their choice. According to their chosen pathway, they carry out research, develop their chosen skill in scripted and devised performance and produce promotional portfolios; preparing them for a future in theatre and performance if they desire.

In the AS units, students develop their skills and apply them to practical contexts. They will also plan and realise a Performing Arts event.

Students who continue to A2 learn about planning for employment in the Performing Arts industry, and will also have the opportunity to form a production company to research, plan, promote and realise a Performing Arts event in response to a commission brief.

The specification has four units: